We Say Goodbye to Greg Thiel

Greg was one of the founders of NW Engineers back in 2007. Business was good then and everyone was excited – for about a year. Then the Great Recession hit and employees tighten their belts for the hard road ahead. Greg persevered and had the tenacity to bring the new firm and its very dedicated group of employees through the economic downturn and into the “good times” that we now enjoy. Greg’s 40 plus years of experience was crucial during these times and we all thank him for being here at the right time.

“Our Client’s Success Is In Our Design”

On a professional level, Greg focused on land development and a wide variety of municipal infrastructure projects. He prepared facilities plans, conducted rate studies, administered large construction contracts involving water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations, and designed water mains, streets, sidewalks, interceptor and collector sewer and storm sewer systems. Greg has been responsible for many pipeline and manhole rehabilitation projects as well. Greg was also a stickler for quality, understanding that our “client’s success is in our design”! Greg will be missed when he retires at the end 2016, but we are grateful for all he has done for this company.

Thank you Greg and Susan.

About Rural Measure 49


NW Engineers’ planning professionals work with public agencies and private sector clients to address complex issues of rural development and permit approvals. Measure 37 Claimants are now receiving the Measure 49 Election forms to fill out and submit in order to develop their property. Measure 49

The first part of Measure 49 replaces the two alternate remedies of Measure 37 (a waiver of land use regulations or the payment of compensation) with an approval for claimants to establish a specific, but limited, number of home sites. This home site approval is provided as a form of compensation for land use regulations imposed after owners acquired their properties. It is available only for claimants who filed Measure 37 claims on or before June 28, 2007.

State Claims

  • Assist with M-49 State Claim
    • Expedited Option
  • Expedited Option
    Allows for up to 3 homesites
    Cannot go back and go through the Conditional Option

Development Applications

Many of the Measure 49 Claim applications have been submitted for State approval. Most Claimants have chosen the Expedited Option with approvals expected in Summer 2008. Once State M-49 Claims are approved by the State, the Claimant will need to submit a development application to the applicable local jurisdiction for the approved number of lots or homes. NW Engineers assists with the subsequent planning and engineering land use application including coordination with other consultants, such as surveyor, environmental, geotech, and attorney.

  • Partitions
  • Agricultural Dwellings
  • Forest Dwellings

ESB Subconsultant

Since  2008, NW Engineers, LLC has become certified as an Emerging Small Business (ESB) in the State of Oregon # 5681.

We are available to be an ESB subconsultant.