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NW Engineers is a Civil Engineering and Planning firm committed to the delivery of innovative designs, quality engineering, and outstanding customer service.













Innovative designs, quality engineering and outstanding customer service

As one of the Northwest's leading civil engineering and planning firms, NW Engineers remains committed to delivering innovative designs, quality engineering and outstanding customer service to all of our clients in both the private and public sector. Our range of practical expertise encompasses the fields of civil engineering design, permitting services, and planning services for government agencies, private companies and individuals. We will work closely with all of our clients to ensure the project gets approval while arriving on time and under budget. Our mission continues in the pursuit of delivering creative and timely designs that meet our client's needs and exceeds their expectations. NW Engineers achieves this goal through a combination of continued flexibility that allows us to satisfy our client's needs by maintaining a professional team of experienced land use planners and engineers that always pay close attention to even the smallest details.


At NW Engineers, we have assembled a staff of highly experienced, knowledgable and licensed engineering and planning professionals. Our team of site development and residential engineers works closely with an exceptional drafting group and an ownership committed to providing hands-on leadership. The results are a technically strong and capable team known for delivering superior products and satisfied clients.

NW Engineers is located in Hillsboro, OR. We operate throughout the Portland Metro area, including Vancouver, WA, on a wide range of private and public sector projects that include land use planning, stormwater management, roadway planning, civil engineering and more.


Nov 11 2016

We Say Goodbye to Greg Thiel

Greg was one of the founders of NW Engineers back in 2007. Business was good then and everyone was excited – for about a year. Then the Great Recession hit and employees tighten their belts for the hard road ahead. Greg persevered and had the tenacity to bring the new firm and its very dedicated…
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Nov 2 2016

About Rural Measure 49

Overview NW Engineers’ planning professionals work with public agencies and private sector clients to address complex issues of rural development and permit approvals. Measure 37 Claimants are now receiving the Measure 49 Election forms to fill out and submit in order to develop their property. Measure 49 The first part of Measure 49 replaces the…
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Nov 21 2015

ESB Subconsultant

Since  2008, NW Engineers, LLC has become certified as an Emerging Small Business (ESB) in the State of Oregon # 5681. We are available to be an ESB subconsultant.  
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