Urban Development

At NW Engineers, we understand that our commercial and residential development clients require planning and engineering services that adhere to both the aesthetic and regulatory requirements of the community they intend to serve. Our urban development team is highly skilled at working through each phase of our clients' projects with timeliness and efficiency as we address regulatory and legal requirements, building codes and the physical environment.

Our urban development services include:

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study can help provide clarity about the long-term viability of any project. Our team of urban development experts will provide a comprehensive review of your project to determine whether the scope and plans meet with all stated goals and expectations to ensure success.

Preliminary & Master Planning

When developing the scope and scale of your urban development project, you need the expertise of a residential planner and engineer. Our team at NW Engineers will work with you to create a document that describes a more detailed vision of your project and how to achieve its stated goals. We will help to outline details such as the layout of the project, land uses, roads, utilities and more as part of your project's planning document.

Community Meeting And Public Hearing Assistance

Answering the concerns of a community is a vital part of any successful urban development project. A neighborhood meeting offers a great opportunity to share the vision of a project directly with neighborhood associations and community action groups most impacted by the development. We also provide representation at the public hearing where we ensure you'll be fully prepared to answer any questions, comments or concerns regarding your proposed development to satisfy all members of a community.

Stormwater And Flood Plain Reports

When it comes to stormwater and flood plain management in Oregon and Washington, the team at NW Engineers possesses the experience and expertise needed to provide our clients with the assistance needed when preparing mandatory stormwater reports to all local and federal agencies. Our team will coordinate with other consultants and evaluate stormwater or flood plain impacts on a property in accordance with regualtions and provide required reports and analyses.

Engineering Drawing And Specifications For All Utilities and Roadways

Detailed and exact drawing and specifications assist your project in meeting all local guidelines and help to prevent any delays in permitting and project management. Our urban development team will work to ensure that all of your plans and specifications meet with local, state and federal guidelines so your project remains approved and on schedule.

Construction Administration And Observation

At NW Engineers, our team understands the complex and multi-faceted aspects of any construction, infrastructure and refurbishment project. To meet and anticipate client needs and ensure project success demands a comprehensive, hands-on approach. We fuse expert technical credentials with first-rate management skills to facilitate projects and avoid mistakes or omissions that may alter a project's schedule, cost or outcome.