Civil Engineering

NW Engineers' civil engineering team works closely with environmental services and traffic consultants, jurisdictions at all levels, contractors, geotechnical engineers and architects to ensure that all requirements are met and completed on schedule and within budget. Our team possesses the extensive training and professional expertise needed to provide engineering services for a variety of structures, sites and situations.

NW Engineers offers full-service engineering services from start to finish:

Site Development Engineering, Planning and Specifications

NW Engineers offers development assistant services that are tailored to meet our clients' individual needs. Key members of our staff have worked with developers and possess an intimate understanding of the development process, along with the stresses it can create. That's why we're uniquely qualified to help plan the scope of a project, provide project implementation and direction, coordinate with local and state municipalities, develop feasibility assessments and create budgeting and cashflow analysis.

Water Resources

NW Engineers' staff continue to stay at the forefront of the changing needs in surface water and stormwater collection, conveyance, treatment and modeling. Whether sizing a storm drain pipe or a flood control channel, determining treatment options for a house or for a city, protecting a wetland or a warehouse, the team at NW Engineers possesses the experience required to perform comprehensive planning, design and project management for your water resources project. With the help of a wide array of computational aides, the professionals at NW Engineers have the experience to identity, evaluate and solve a vast field of water resource issues.

Utility Infrastructure Design

At NW Engineers, we focus on serving our utility partners by providing access to the best people and technology in the industry. Our process is simple - earn our partners’ trust and respect by delivering quality work with unrivaled productivity. This process has allowed NW Engineers to develop a utility client roster that includes some of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. We provide our utility clients with a full range of services, including transmission and distribution system construction and maintenance and emergency storm restoration.

Roadway Design

NW Engineers offers clients a team of highly-qualified and experienced civil engineers and designers capable of undertaking a variety of projects, including rural road realignments and widening and city street and streetscape improvements. Our roadway design experience includes all phases of project development, from the initial roadway planning to design and PS&E preparation to providing construction management services.