Public Works

NW Engineers remains committed to helping improve the communities, schools, public works buildings and parks that play such a vital role in where we live, work and learn. We care deeply about our role in improving the lives of those living throughout the Pacific Northwest. That's why our team of dedicated civil engineering service providers strive to produce innovative designs that meet the demands of today while always keeping an eye on the needs of tomorrow.

We've worked along with cities, counties, states, major utilities and school and park districts with the goal of creating a vibrant community that helps to enrich the lives of all. Our public works projects have included:

Parks and Recreation

Parks, playgrounds and urban trails offer a wonderful place for friends to meet, families to connect and everyone to enjoy the fresh air. By working closely with the community in the planning process, NW Engineers strives to create spaces that not only satisfies the needs of those it serves, but also meets cost and maintenance requirements. We understand that a park, playground or trail needs to not only be functional, but properly maintained as well. That's why we incorporate a long-term view when selecting the site, materials and design of our public works projects.


NW Engineers' multi-disciplined and talented staff of professionals have years of experience providing engineering and program management, planning and oversight to public agency clients. Our customer focus, attention to detail and broad understanding of public agency projects has established NW Engineers as a strong competitor in public sector work. We are proud of our working relationships with many regional public agencies and their staffs. Our strength lies in our unique combination of professional engineers with direct public works experience, as well as knowledge of the customary processes for executing every phase of public works project management.


NW Engineers has highly-qualified and experienced civil engineers to undertake a variety of projects including rural road realignments and widening, city streets and streetscape improvements. Our Transportation Design experience includes all phases of project development, from the initial roadway planning, through design and PS&E preparation, to providing construction management services.