As a land use planning firm in the Portland Metro area, our team at NW Engineers has worked with public agencies and private sector clients all across Oregon to address complex issues related to development and permit approvals. To ensure your project stays on time and under budget, we find creative and practical solutions to the challenges facing our clients. Land use planning in Oregon is the first critical step in balancing clients' needs with regulatory and environmental requirements. At NW Engineers, we believe a successful development begins with meticulous preparation in the site design and well-strategized permitting timelines.

Our range of planning services include the following:

Development And Feasibility Studies

Transforming a good idea into a successful business venture requires more than just determination. Have you chosen the right location? Is your idea profitable over the long-term? Is it possible to meet all set deadlines while staying under budget? A feasibility study can give your project the reality check it needs. With the current conditions as the starting point, our site development team will evaluate development alternatives to ensure that your vision is realistic, fundable and economically sustainable.

Development Applications

Seeing your project move from idea to reality requires fulfilling all application requirements for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sites. Our team understands the unique requirements needed to obtain approval for any proposal, including commercial or residential development.


If your municipality needs assistance in the annexation of public lands or in the absorption of private property, our highly trained and experienced site development team at NW Engineers can assist in facilitating a service plan that will help complete the annexation process.

Property Line Adjustments/Land Division

The first step when preparing for a property line adjustment or land division is to make sure each parcel of land can be adjusted or divided with the potential for development. Most jurisdictions have requirements and ordinances that govern the process of development. Our team will handle the required application package and will submit all necessary documentation to the agency for review to ensure the process remains stress-free and successful for our clients. We will provide coordination with other consultants on the team.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments And Zone Changes

Even the most thoroughly reviewed plans can require a change in order to meet the unexpected obstacles a project can face on the way to completion. When your project requires a plan amendment or zone change, our team at NW Engineers will submit all necessary petitions and documentation needed to gain agency approval.

Planned Unit Development, Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Flood Plain Alteration And Other Land Use Permits

No matter what challenges you may face, our Land Use Planning Team at NW Engineers will help you navigate any issue to ensure the successful completion of your project.

Rural Development

We provide assistance with rural land use permits including Measure 49 land use permits, Forest Dwellings, Farm and Non-Farm Dwellings and other required land use reviews.